Audio Recording Studio


With over 30 years of experience in the music recording and producing industry, we hold the highest standards to ensure every amenity is made available. With a fully trained staff and cutting edge technology in each of our rooms, we are the premier destination for major record labels, producers, engineers, managers, and independent artists who are looking for top notch service and quality for a reasonable price.

Our Recording Studio features tracking room, mix room, and top of the line equipment. We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate any need a client has and have a history of working with amazing artists and clients, who have come to us to record and produce music that is of exceptional quality.

Production of the final product
Depending on what the artist wants:
  • A CD of the concert performance or recording session can be given to the artists for duplication with their own equipment.
  • We can make as many CD-R copies of the session or performance as needed.
  • We can recommend sources for having the master CD-R converted to the standard format used by companies who record for major artists.