Car Services and Repair

When you visit HMM for a car service or vehicle repair you can expect the very best care and attention. We deliver the same high standard of service, experience, value for money and quality of workmanship you've come to expect from us.


HMM Mechanics services include:
Log book services
We can perform the services on your new car and it doesn’t void your warranty. We follow the dealer’s instructions as detailed in your car service manual and use genuine parts to help your car run its best.
Regular servicing
This helps ensure your car continues to run safely and smoothly and can warn of pending problems with your car before they occur. While each car is different, it is generally recommended your car be serviced every six months, or about every 10,000km.
General repairs and maintenance
Despite regular servicing, sometimes the car still doesn’t run right or feel like it should. This can be due to a whole range of issues but give us a call and we can come and diagnose the problem and let you know what needs to be done to fix it.
Pre holiday checkups
Going on a road trip? Let us help make sure your car will make the distance and get you there safely and soundly so you can enjoy the journey and the destination, without having to find a mechanic in an unknown area.
Brake and clutch work
Is your car making noises every time you touch the brake pedal, or is it getting harder or noisier to change gears, this could indicate a problem with your brakes or clutch. It is advised to get this looked at as soon as possible.
Radiator repairs and replacement
If you notice your car is overheating, running hot, or leaking water, this could well be a problem with the radiator. We are able to repair (and replace if necessary), radiators for all cars, as well as check the whole cooling system for your car.
Timing belts
Timing belts need to be replaced approximately every 100,000km (depending on make and model). And while a simple part, its pivotal to your car’s function and you won’t be going anywhere when it breaks, plus you could be up for a very hefty repair bill. Let us know if you want us to check the belt for you.
Head gaskets
Does your engine oil look lighter than normal, or does the car overheat or have a misfire? These are all symptoms of potential issues with a head gasket. You are advised to have this looked at to prevent causing serious damage to your engine.
Electrical work
Do you have a light out, or need a stereo fitted, spotlights mounted to the front of the car, or a trailer wired up? We can help with all your electrical needs.
CV joints
These are predominately found in front wheel drive cars and four wheel drives. They are the cause of that annoying ‘ticking’ sound you hear when turning your car around sharp corners and into driveways and parking spots. We can easily fix these for you and remove that awful noise.
Do you feel like you are feeling more and more bumps when you drive, despite fresh tarmac just being laid? And does you car appear to creak and groan and just sit lower than normal? This could be a problem with your suspension. We are able to fix this, as well as provide custom solutions to ensure a smoother ride, particularly important if you use your car to tow trailers, or carry heavy loads.